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H50 killed my RIG!


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Hello there.


About 5 days ago i bought a new rig since my old one was getting really damn.. old :)


So happy as i where picking out the packages out of the post service back here i sweden, i started to build up the rig.


Very well it performed as i thought it would, but there was just a little problem though. The original fan cooling unit was way to loud (AMD phenom II 1090T Hexa-core).


So I went back to the store, got my selfe a brand new H50. Installed it with the instructions close by and started up the rig, very well Corsair i thought. nice temps and the rig got kinda quite aswell! Great job... I thought.. Toda y when I was playing COD:Black ops the rig suddenly just crashed/stopped.


I went into bios, looking at the temps ooh my f*king god 110 celsius..

Immediately turned the rig off, demounted the block, cleaned it, put fresh new cooling paste on it.


Rebooted, now it showed just 60 degrees celsius, woosh thats atleast not crazy.. 3 seconds later it went to 85 degrees, what in the name of god. After another 2-3 seconds the screen freezes showing 146 degrees celsius. I ripped out the AC cable, thinking **** this is it my processor is screwed.


Reinstalled the original cooler, trying to reboot. Guess what not even a little sign of life left. I've tried with different rams, with built in graphicscard, with our without harddrives, nothing.. Really nothing happends.


After about half an hour i located the problem to be with the built-in pump in the block couse no heat is going trough any of the pipes, not a sound nor some vibration.


I will contact your customer / service department to get this sorted, just wanted your input first. I want a new processor and thats it, this rig is completely new!


I've worked in an static free enviroment, AC cable always out when working with the components. Neither have I bent any tubes to or from the block/radiator.


All the "rules" have been followed.


What do I do now? Other than start up my old computer?


Sorry for my bad english, from sweden so bare with me.

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What is you CPU? most modern CPU's have thermal protection that will shut down before any damage occurs.


Also your system temp was 89c! that is normally measured on a part of the mobo not close to the CPU, and won't be cooled by any CPU cooler, still I supose a CPU getting hot could transfer some heat to the surrounding mobo, but not that quick...



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