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Corsair Force F80 completely lost partition


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Hi Guys


I'm, on my tenth SSD (four of them Corsair) and know my way around them - indeed I wrote one of the stickies in this thread - but with my new Force F80 I am stumped.


I used it for 2 days without issue in my Dell M1210 laptop and closed the lid as normal when done. Today I have started the laptop up and the partition has completely vanished, it is as if the drive is fresh from the factory. I plugged the drive into a desktop system using an X58 and it showed up with an unallocated space, exactly if all data has been erased. Is this a known issue with these drives and some notebook chipsets?


Assistance from either Corsair techs or other learned users would be appreciated.





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UBCD4WIN has a bunch of data recovery tools built in, it's worth a try. It also has partition table repair tools, but I would only try those if the data recovery tools are unsuccessful.


There's a chance you already lost your data and if this is the case I'm sorry. But I just noticed you only used it for 2 days, I can't imagine you have very much on it. Have you updated to firmware 2.0?

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