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GTR measures


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I have some doubts and it's time to explain better to be understandable :roll:


I'm a fun of Voyager usb series, I've got a GT8 in the past until it comed to death (wonderful pen, so fast!) and now I've got two GT16 (not so fast :(:).


Some time ago I've received a gift, a GTR32, but for many reasons I'm seriously trying it only a couple of months later. At first sight it looked a 'fake' (bought online but my friend cannot remember in which site): I was used to the 7,5 cm of the GT and I believed 10 cm was not ok, but you just told me this is the official size. The package looks like the official one of my previous GT pendrives (but I would need an image of GTR package to be sure) and the test would look ok too, so at the moment I'm quite confident it is an original product.


This is the test:



What is still sounding strange is that, by fact, the GTR does not look so much better than the GT, especially with small file size :eek: :sigh!:


This is the test of the GT16:



The value which make me worry is the "Random Write"... why so slow (slower than the GT16)? What does it mean? Which is the difference between "Write" and "Random Write"? :confused:


Thanks in advance for any reply.


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