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Force 120GB health shows ECC/read errors


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WHen I bought hte F120 for my lenovo T61 laptop, it had 1.1 I think and showed multiple health errors like bad sectors, life 96% etc, on the HD Tune Pro. But the fresh install of Win7 went fine and I could do all tasks.

I then updated to 2.0, and most all health errors are gone, except one.


On the Tune Pro's Health tab, the 1st row ((01)RAW Read Error Rate) and the few lines below ((C3) Hardware ECC recovered) are showing lots of bad numbers, but identical matching numbers. Attached is a screenshot.


I am worried if these read errors are real, OR, just firmware 2.0 reporting issue. As I have a 1-week window to return to store, I would like to get this clarified.

BTW, this is not a speed-freak computer (C2D 2.0, AHCI mode, 2GB mem:, I am getting about identical 100MBps read/write).


thanks and best regards

PN, San Jose


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Thank you RAM GUY for hte quick reply. I did actually read that thread and made sense for me to drop my concerns level down. But, I was specifically looking for READ/ECC errors in the entire forum and search didnt find anything there, so I wanted to be double sure.

Understood that these parameters also fall under the 'SMART' implementation issues (perhaps by SandForce chipset).




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  • Corsair Employees

We are looking at what can done in the future but at this time there are subtle difference in the interpretation of these fields between the different controllers when using these applications and some applications may read properly and some may not. However as discussed in that post officially we are not claiming any compatibility with any of these applications at this time.

Bottom line: as long as your drive or drives are performing properly there no need to be concerned with that information reported by these applications on the drive health or status.

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