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corsair nautilus 500....please read


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has anyone here got the corsair nautils 500?


....if so can anyone tell me is it important that the 'green" and

'white' cable be plugged in the motherboard..or will it still work just only with the power cable pluged in..



because as far as i know they are (green/white) cables only get plugged into fans pin on the mobo..i just also need to know weather they are a source of power?


PS if i could plug them into the mobo i would...its that the asus extreme 3 only has plug fittings for 4 pins as the corsair 500 has only 3 pins per plug......


i need some sort of online manual does corsair have online manuals??

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funny thing. I have been using a Naut. 500 ever since they came out (3-4 yrs ago I think). Also, I just purchased both a ASRock 890GX Extreme 4 as well as an ASRock 870 Extreme 3.


I'm guessing you got this 2nd hand which is why you don't have a manual. No matter, just let me assure you this has been a very reliable system for me and solved a problem most of the other kits don't. I have my main system sitting in a cubby of a computer desk. Needless to say, hot air gets blown back out and into me. In Arizona, when it hits 120 outside, this is the last thing I want. So, with the longer tubing and a remote radiator w/power I can vent the hot out of the cubby and in another direction entirely.


Now, to your question. As I remember, the white wire monitors the speed of the pump and the green monitors the fan. So they really aren't neeeded. I have the white going to my cpu fan connector and the green going to a 3 pin case fan connector. Then I turn on alarms in the bios and in software. Hope that helps.



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