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Two questions: Orientation (pump below rad) and future H50 w/H70 pump upgrade


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Hey, two quick questions:


1. Assuming adequate tubing length, is there any issue with installing the H50 or H70 radiator in the system completely below the pump?


2. Does Corsair have any plans in the future to change the H50 pump for the low-profile H70 unit? The combination of the slim radiator of the H50 and the low-profile H70 pump/water block would be ideal for certain space-limited applications.



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  • Corsair Employees

With the pump being higher than the radiator it is more likely to get air stuck within the pump since it would be the highest point of the loop, so we would recommend installing the radiator above the pump.


Unfortunately I can not comment on any unannounced products, but I would be surprised if a future version of the H50 did not use the newer low profile pump.

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