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HP8540p and Force problem


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Hi, I have an standard HP8540p laptop with an Corseair Force 240 drive. The first one died completly, now my replace drive (updated with firmware 2.0 the minute a got it) is showing the exact same problem. I'm not using any sleep or hibernate modes right know. The computers has been off for about 24 hours, and then it can't find the disk when starting up. Seems like your disk don't work with the HP8540p or the motherboard inside.


Do anyone else experience the same problem with HP8540 (or 8440) with Corseair force? I just about had enough and are thinking about returning the disk and getting another brand.




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Yes the performance series have a samsung controller I believe and they have been proven to run better in unique OEM hardware such as laptops.


The Force drive is better for use in a desktop because of it's high speed that most laptops cannot handle, and we know it's compatible with ICH7 through 10 as well as some AMD southbridges. There are simply too many laptops to test, and they do strange things with laptops as each one is unique. IMO the Force drive is just not fit for them and that's why people see incompatibilities sometimes.

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