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Advice for 12 GB of memory for Asus Rampage III Extreme?


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Hi all,

I'm buying a Rampage III Extreme to go with my shiny new 980X and would love to plonk 12GB RAM into it.


The "official" memory vendor list supplied by ASUS does not give me any hints as to how I can do this (it goes upto 6GB only).


The Corsair configurator (which btw is an awesome tool) says I can get HX3X12G1600C9 (DDR3-1600 (XMS3-12800C9*XMP*3CH) HX) which will give me 12GB in 6 x 2GB.


Another forum post (not here) mentioned using CMT6GX3M3A2000C8, which is a 3 x 4GB kit.


I want to buy the fastest and best memory possible, price is not an issue, so would appreciate some honest advice from anyone who may have done this before on a Rampage III Extreme and got it working without issues.

Are any of the solutions above good ones, or do I need something else?


TIA for any help :)


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