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RMA Question for European HX1000W


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Hello to you all,


I've always been a Corsair fan and have a few weeks ago built a system.


After building my pc everything was working fine for 2 weeks then my Corsair hx1000w psu has failed on me.


Pc kept powering down unexpectedly and kept failing to power back up even after clearing cmos.


After a day or so of eliminating the possibilities I found the problem to be my psu after replacing it with another psu from my other pc (which was a shock and to be quite honest was the last thing that i expected it may be).


My pc works totally fine since replacing the psu and are wondering where I should send the psu for rma.


I live in Cyprus but had purchased the hw1000 brand new and sealed from an ebay company in Germany, so my question is can I send this directly to Corsair if you have a European service center or do I send it back to the company from Germany?


Please help me understand what I should do - since I am a little confused, :confused:


thanks in advance for any guidence and help

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