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Installing H70 - Tubes


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Hey guys,


Nowadays I use a True Black with my i7 920, but I wanted to make the next step. Since watercooling are too expensive, I decided to go with the Corsair H70.

I was very excited with the idea when the problems started to show up.

The main problem is my case. It has 2x80mm fan in the rear instead of 1x120mm. I can't install the cooler there. It has a 120mm fan on top, so I thought I could put it there. The problem is: Are the tubes long enough?

Could anyone tell me how long are the tubes? By the pictures I have seen I think it won't be possible. Could you also tell me the dimensions of the H50 tubes?

Well, I'll include some pictures of my case in case of someone of you come up with any ideas.

Please forgive me for the EXTREME mess.




Where I wanted to put it


I really need you help.




Gabriel Siqueira

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