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Restarts / Shut downs with GA-965P-DS3 rev 1.0 and TX650w


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I just bought a new TX650w along with a new GPU upgrade. It turns out that a machine that has worked PERFECTLY for the last four years started to shut down or restart suddenly.


I then removed the new GPU and tried the old one, same issue.


Did BIOS upgrade, same issue.


Disconnected all case fans, same issue.


The issue even happened when I was at the BIOS setup after upgrading it, so, I really don't think this is a Operating System problem, anyway, I'm running Windows 7 x64.


Just didn't test with the old PSU as it is a 450w and the GPU says it requires a 500w minimum.


In other words, if I have all my old hardware back I have absolutely no problem. I just change the old PSU for the Corsair and the booting problem starts.


Searching through the forums I found that other people have the same problem with Gigabyte motherboards. No conclusive answer, though.


Would anyone please have any information or idea?

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Thanks for your reply.


I was able to fix the problem.


Turns out that a LOT of people have this "phenomenon" with Gygabite motherboards. The problem is all the "on the fly" changes that the board allows you to make for overclocking.


In other words, I turned to Manual and fixed EVERYTHING that the stupid M.I.T. options had, and also turned off CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E), CPU Thermal Monitor 2(TM2) and CPU EIST Function.


I do think that only turning the over clocking auto bla bla in M.I.T. options was the trick.


It is a GREAT board for over clocking, I particularly never did, but I'll reconsider a Gigabyte in the future because those should not affect a board like this.


As for Corsair, maybe checking WHAT is happening that their PSUs is so vulnerable to that, or if it is a fault in Gigabyte's design that passes out as a possible problem and then the PSU is shutting down to prevent any issues, then PLEASE POST IT so we know about it and know which hardware to buy.


Thank you.

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