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No response to request for extra cables...


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Requested extra cables for AX1200 on 11/2. Followed procedure in sticky.


Got form email immediately from "rmaservice@corsairmemory.com" stating I should wait 24 hours for processing and to call customer service at 888-222-4346 if no reply in 24 hours.


Waiting 72 hours and no resonse so I called customer service. Was told to forward info to email "csgmarketing@corsair.com". Did that on 11/5.


Have heard nothing since.....


What do I do?


Wanted an extra 24 pin cable, one 8 pin CPU, and 2 of the longer SATA power cables. Need em for cutting up and for sleeving since all the ones from my HX850 and HX1000 don't fit due to the odd plugs used on the AX1200.


Thanks, Shawn

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I would suspect that the cables have been sent out by now, they will not always send an email to let you know that they have been sent. I would give customer service another call and see if they can track your request and let you know when to expect the cables.
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