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Problem with TX750W


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Hello, I am having a problem and hoping if it can be solved.

I bought a Corsair TX 750 Power Supply yesterday from Newegg and got it today.

I replaced my old power supply with the Tx 750 and turned it on. It would load to the point where the Windows 7 logo would complete, then it would just stay there. I waited an hour until I turned it off.

My friend told me to put my old power supply in and when I hooked the old power supply up and turned it on, it loaded to the desktop without any problems.


My friend says its basically DoA but I would just like to make sure... I mean its able to turn on the computer but it just gets stuck at the Windows logo.


If anyone know whats wrong with it and can help that would be great =)


If it helps to know, I tried running windows startup repair and could not find anything wrong >_<;


Update: Okay... I tried using the TX 750 again, and now it just gets to the windows 7 logo, then it just restarts >_<

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