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700D owners chime in


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I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on a 700D. Current system going into the case will be:


MSI Big Bang XPower

I7 930

6 x 2GB DDR3-1600

GTX260 / 8800GT

Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme

Toughpower 1200 / W0133RU (modular version)


4 standard hard drives

2 optical drives

Lamptron FC-2 fan controller


(1) My main concern is will I need extensions for the Toughpower’s cables? ModRight’s Single Braid cables look very nice, and I plan to use them as necessary. The type and quantity needed would be appreciated.


(2) I will install an external water cooling loop later. Can some measure the diameter of the pass-through holes? I’m planning on using Koolance VL4N quick disconnects and they are 1” in diameter. So I need to know if they fit through the pass-through holes.


(3) I have plenty of 120mm fans, and will outfit the case with as many as I can. Will use fan extensions to run to the Lamptron FC-2 Fan controller.


Any advice or opinions are welcome, and appreciated.

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Micro Center$219.99


These 2 retailers have the best price currently according to Google Shopping. I just bought one from Micro Center and it cost me about $220 out the door after taxes and relatively inexpensive shipping. I highly recommend Micro Center. Newegg on the otherhand has it at $299 before shipping.


Now, I haven't received the majority (only case and PS) of my parts yet but from what I see I will tell you:


1. Unsure. The power supply has a hole right at the end of the power supply that all my cords go through from my HX850 and there are several entry points back in. I believe that extensions might be necessary but there is no way of telling unless I had that PS in front of me.


2. The holes are (eyeball) approx 1 inch. Trying to fit a 1 inch line is going to be VERY tight. The round ones especially since there is no room to work with. However, if you remove the rubber material, you may be able to get a few more MM out of it and less resistance as well, you may have to bust out the dremel though.


3. The case comes with 3 fans already, the only spot I see that it makes sense to install fans is the top. There is a spot where you could put a 3 fan radiator. Not sure if this is a question or ???



Overall I think it is the best case currently on the market. My only gripe is that they used a low grade plastic and way too much of it.


The HDD holders are totally plastic and flimsy as heck. My Antec Sonata mid level case has aluminum HDD holders with sweet rubber grommets.


The bar that holds the magnets that keeps your side panel attached is also flimsy and is attached to the case with the same cheap plastic.


The plastic panel behind the motherboard has some very small hinges that almost seem intended to break. Another very unfortunate design choice.


It is unfortunate for a case that retails at $299 at Newegg wouldn't spend another $5-10 to make sure it is 100% metal.


Overall I would rate it 4/5 so far because its a fantastic case and I wouldn't get anything else. On Newegg its going to get 2 eggs though to send the corsair engineers a message.

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Just noticed you plan to get the 700D - should still come with the 8pin extension (mine did).
Well I have to buy at least 1 extension because the XPower has TWO 8 pin inputs for maximum overclocking. So buy I'll just buy 2 to make it look nice. Those two, and a 24 pin extension should be enough.
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