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WOW results from Secure Erase


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Following the tutorial sticky here http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=85344


I have some great results for 2 x X32 in RAID 0 128k stripe. The first image is fresh from the factory, fresh install of win7 x64, and test.


The second image is after 6 months of use.


The third image is after a secure erase and restore of win7x64 using acronis.


Still not up to manufacturer speed, especially for RAID 0, but what a difference secure erasing makes. Suggest you secure erase ALL drives fresh from the factory, before installing Windows.




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if that's two drives in raid 0 they're running quite slow? not even Read:180MB/s?


My two Novas reached over Read:550MB/s


perhaps your motherboards raid controller is weird... Im sure ONE X series is rated for over 180MB/s read... 240 iirc?

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without a doubt, I also noticed improvements doing this on the nova series.


edit i just did it and posting results:

its a shame my other v128 died though :(:

ps: 32kb allocation size




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