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HX620 2x4pin to 8pin PCIE for GTX480


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Hi everyone, i have a HX620 that served me flawlessly with my GTX285 so far, but now i got a GTX480 and since i have only 2x6pin PCIE cables and no 8pin PCIE :(: i can't use my pc, so i want your help.


I have this 2x4pin to 8pin adapter that came with the card,


can i use it safely, and if so, then on one or two rails?


I am afraid to use it since all the amps will flow from just only one or two 4pin 12v wire..





I know about the PSU to 6pin 6+2pin cables, and the sticky about how to get them, but i live in Greece. Is the procedure the same, or do i have to contact someone else?

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