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Replacement received for a faulty VX450


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Hi there,


I've had a VX450 for 16 months or so, but one night it just died while I was watching a movie.

I took it back to the store I bought it from and they took it for placing an RMA.

12 days later I received the replacement.


My issue is that I did not receive a VX450 as replacement but a CX500. As far as I understand the VX450 is discontinued but replacing it with a model from an inferior series doesn't seam fair.

The warranty states that the replacement will be "a new product of similar function and equal or greater value".


Would a 550VX or a 520HX been a more suitable replacement?

Also, since the CX series has a 2 year warranty, what happens if it dies after 30 or 40 months? The VX I replaced had 44 months left on it's warranty.

Can I go back to the store and have the replacement PSU (CX500) changed?



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I am sorry but you would need to work that out with the store, doing an RMA with the store we would have little to do with this, and most stores will just get a credit for what they return. Or ask them to give you back the VX450 and create an RMA directly with us.
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