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Corsair Flash Voyager Port - One Button Backup under Windows 7


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Hi all,


I have a Corsair Flash Voyager Port, which came with NovaStor NovaBackup v10.1. With that software you should be able to create backup tasks, that can be started by pressing the button on the Corsair Flash Voyager Port.


When I wanted to install the software under Microsoft Windows 7 (Ultimate x64) the system says, that there are known problems with it. After I installed the software, I was not able to start it properly.


I downloaded an evaluation version of NovaStor NovaBackup Professional v11.1.22 and installed it. When I wanted to set up a backup task, there was no OneButton Wizard as described in Corsairs quick-start guide for NovaStor NovaBackup v10.1. There was also no OneButton option under type of schedule.


Is there a solution to get NovaStor NovaBackup v10.1 running under Microsoft Windows 7 (I already tried to start in compatibility mode)? Or can Novastor NovaBackup v11.1.22 be configured somehow to respond on pressing the button on the Corsair Flash Voyager Port? Or is there an alternative backup software that runs under Microsoft Windows 7 and can be configured for a one button backup with Corsair Flash Voyager Port?


Thanks for your responds. S7ven

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The user purchased the latest version from your site directly and it would still not work with the one touch button! Are you saying that Nova Back up will provide a solution for that if the user purchases the update for Windows 7?

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