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timings ? A8N-SLI Premium & Corsair Twinx 2048MB PC3200 CAS2


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I'm having problems since years with having a stable system. It actually never worked properly and after purchase I waited more than a month on my pc from the vendor who sold me the parts, as he was troubleshooting.. at the end I received it back with the same problems, but I didn't want to be pc less at that time so I gave up..

I noticed that the problem most frequently occured while playing 3d games.

Notice that benchmarking did not simulate this in any way..

I used 3d Mark, memtest and some other stress testers for Cpu and HD but none could 'crash' my system on command.. (reproducing the problem)


I suspect my Ram timings to be less than good as messing around with it impacts the overall stability. (values normally still within corsair specs) However I don't exclude a motherboard issue but I'm having a real hard time to prove the problem to begin with..


Problemsymptom tends to change from immediate shutdown to a complete systemhalt (freeze) which can be resolved by a short press on the powerbutton to shut it down immediately. Normally this would invoke 'normal' shutdown but due to freeze it just cuts power.


I would really appreciate it if some knowledgable folks could give me some help with this..

I believe that the most important part is first to get the full RAM timing sheet for this combo that I have.


My motherboard gives me following options and it is configured like written:


MemClock Index Value = 400Mhz

CAS# Latency (TcL) = 2.5

Min Ras# Active Time (Tras) = 6T

RAS# to CAS# Delay (Trcd) = 3T

Row Precharge Time (Trp) = 3T

Row Cycle Time (Trc) = 9T

Row Refresh Cyl Time (Trfc) = 13T

Read-to-Write Time (Twrt) = 5T

Write Recovery Time (Twr) = 3T

1T/2T Memory Timing = 2T

S/W ram over 4 G remapping = enabled

H/W ram over 4 G remapping = enabled


notice that I adjusted Trc from 11T to 9T as I read somewhere that Trc should be

Tras + Trp


If I put it in auto my system shuts down randomly and it takes completely different values.. don't think this is very imporant info..

Note that it's not a heat problem as I have 5 fans operating to suck it all out.


I did install a win7 64 bit not a long time ago and I noticed that I have a much more stable system, not perfect though.. I suppose Win 7 just handles things in another way..

Now i'm back to using win xp pro 32 bit..


thanks for your time !

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