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VS2GB1333D3 + ASRock 880G extreme 3


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I bought my new system with Athlon X2 220, MB 880G extreme 3 and with 2 ram Corsair VS2GB1333D3.


Although the 2 rams are not kit set, I still put them in dual channel mode.

I set most AUTO in BIOS in RAM setting.


The system is fine, and I unlock the CPU to Phenom II 920.

After I installed Win7 Professional. The first run is smooth, then I turned it off and went to sleep.

The next morning, the nightmare started, when I turn it on, login to WIN7, after 30 sec to 1 min, BSOD saying memory management and it reboots.

It keeps BSOD -> reboot. I tried a several method, like unplug the ram, lock the CPU back to 220, manually set the ram voltage to 1.6. Then somehow it will work fine. But after I closed for hours, the problem occur again, and I have to try those ways again.


And I use single ram only, the system was totally fine. Then I tried single channel with 2 rams, same problem happens.


I take both ram and MB to retailer for checking, they are all fine.


Is that a compatibility problem or something?


Thank you

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