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3Gb vs 2Gb and compatability question


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Hi, I currently have 2 x 512Mb CMX3200C2 CL2 TWINX modules in my PC in slots 1 and 3 and would like to increase the amount of RAM to either 2Gb or 3Gb. My mobo is an MSI 865PE Neo2 FIS2R and supports 800FSB and dual channel DDR 400.


I can obtain the exact same modules as those I currently have, thus resulting in a total of 2Gb, however (and I would prefer this option due to the occasional video editing), is that I can obtain 2 x 1024Mb XMS3200C2 CL2 sticks (to result in a total of 3Gb) and wanted to ask the forum, if these 2 x 1Gb sticks would be compatible with my existing 2 x 512Mb sticks, as the model numbers are different and so are their capacities?


Would there be an issue (stability etc) in running one memory channel at 1Gb and the other memory channel at 2Gb?


Is there any benefit in going 3Gb vs. 2Gb ... ie would it be overkill?


Currently running XP SP3.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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dont mix ram. best to just get a 2x2G kit for best results.

read the PDF linked in my sig.


Unfortunately, there has NEVER been a 4GB DDR1 memory kit from any manufacturer ever sold. The 865PE supports only unbuffered non-ECC RAM - and the largest unbuffered non-ECC memory modules ever manufactured have been 1GB modules. Virtually every single 2GB DDR1 stick ever manufactured has been registered ECC memory, which will not work at all on any 865 or 875 motherboard. Besides, the memory controller on 865 and 875 motherboards is limited to only 512MB per rank (this means a maximum of 1GB per module).

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