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600T top fan replacement


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I bought 2 x 120mm fans today to replace the top fan for a future build and they come with a temp probe which if I understand correctly, should regulate the speed of the fan based on temp reading without any software or anything else. It appears the fans can draw their power either by connecting to a molex which comes from the PSU or from a motherboard fan header. Just wondering what's the difference if any between the two?




I also bought a 200mm fan to replace the front one. I've read in a few posts that the front fan which comes with the case is more about being quiet than being high air flow. This new fan is rated 110cfm /19dba so it should help. The idea is to have this fan (and possibly the back one, I haven't decided yet) connected to the fan speed control while allowing two quieter fans to spin based on their temp probe.


Also, the two 120mm fans I bought to my surprise came with rubber "isolator mounts" which are these rubber fittings you pull through holes. I was expecting screws/nuts. Hopefully this won't be a problem.



As to the back fan, I'm not sure what to do yet.. I was thinking of either buying a corsair h50/75 or maybe another top brand CPU cooler fan which goes for about the same price as the h50. thoughts?

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