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Recommendations for Asus Crosshair IV Formula


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I am getting ready to build a new rig and could use some recommendations for the appropriate memory. The build is for gaming, but will also be used to run Virtual Machines for development purposes.


Here are the basic components (AMD Build):


I've narrowed down the memory to the following, but I'm not quite sure these are the correct sticks. I definitely want 4GB sticks as opposed to 2GB sticks.


  1. CMT12GX3M3A2000C9
  2. CMX8GX3M2A2000C9
  3. TW3X4G1333C9DHX - this one was recommended by the Corsair Memory Configurator, but it only comes in 2GB sticks.


Any input/insight would be appreciated.

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CMX8GX3M2A1333C9 - 8 GB (two 4 GB sticks) @ 1333 MHz

CMP4GX3M2B1600C8 - 8 GB (two 4 GB sticks) @ 1600 MHz




Thanks for the reply Wired. A few follow up questions:

  1. Does the CMP4GX3M2B1600C8 only come in 2 GB sticks? I can't seem to find it in 4 GB sticks.
  2. Do you really think I'll notice any difference between 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz?
  3. I'm assuming the memory I picked wasn't compatible with my MoBo? (sorry, memory seems to elude my understanding)



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1. No, I read it wrong.

2. For VM's? Nah.

3. 1/2 are both Intel kits, the 12 GB kit more specifically for a triple channel system.


Thanks Wired! :praise:


Last question (promise). Back to question 2: Would there really be much difference for gaming?

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