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Question about TX950 w/ Asus MB


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I was reading a few posts about some problems with the TX950 and some Asus MBs.

I'm planning to do an upgrade from this:


Phenom II 955 @ 3.8 (1.48v)

Asus M4A79T Deluxe

XFX Radeon 6870 @ 965/1180

Corsair HX650 (excellent psu)


To this:


Phenom II 1090T (overclocked to 4Ghz hopefully)

Same MB

6870 Crossfire (overclocked too)


I don't think that the HX650 could handle this upgrade, so I'm planning to upgrade to a TX950, but I've read some issues with this particular PSU with Asus MBs. This problem only affected de TX950, or the entire TX series? I'm very concerned about this..

My other options are, TX750, TX850.

Here in my country we don't have many options in PSUs :evil:

My last option (the more expensive one) is buy an HX1000, and forget the problems.. But a 1000w PSU for my system looks like an overkill to me..

Could anyone give me some advise about the TX950 issues and Asus MB? Thanks a lot!

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Thanks man, yeah, I took the TX950 as an example, I saw the three, TX750, TX850, and TX950, and the diffence in price (here :evil:) between the TX850 (my primary target) and the TX950, are 10 bucks, so going to a TX950 was a minor investment, but going to a HX1000, the difference are 65$.. Overkill in the pocket meaning ;):

How do I differentiate between de TX950 with the "asus"issues, and the new ones, just to be sure. Just in case that the store have the old ones in stock.

If the TX850 was not affected, I have no problem to go for it instead.

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