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Possible BSOD fix for Force drives


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I finally got rid of the BSODs with my F60 drive. Here is what i've done.


1. Get an 4GB+ USB flash disk and download Microsoft Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool

2. Point the newly installed program to the Windows 7 iso and then select your USB device. It will format it as NTFS and make it bootable.

3. Go to Intel RST downloads and download the F6 version of the Intel AHCI drivers (x86 or x64 depending on your flavor). Unzip and paste them at your flash disk root directory under a new folder(eg "intel drivers")

3. Boot into BIOS and select USB as first boot device, or press F12 or ESC to select boot device when starting.

4. When starting setup from the USB flash and you get to select on what partition you need to install, press "advanced" button and then browse for the Intel driver.

5. Install Windows 7 as usual.


Don't know why, but it seems installing the system files using Intel AHCI drivers sorta fixed the BSOD's I get when using standby on my laptop.


It's not guaranteed it will work. Just need more feedback.


Windows 7 score for hard disks is 7.6 now, but my SATA port don't work at full SATA2 speeds. If i install using MS AHCI drivers, my score is 7.3 only.


I know the BSOD is caused by the TRIM command which is not perfect with MS drivers. Maybe using Intel AHCI during install it will fix the issue for 99% of the users complaining.



PS: Latest 10.x Intel AHCI drivers are not recommended yet. They don't provide a stable environment when using tools like SSD firmware updater.

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Thanks for your solution , icsterm!


I have one question though : will this method work also when installing Win 7 from it's original DVD , if I also plug in an USB with those files? Will I be able to go Advanced and select my "Intel Drivers" folder from my USB at the Select Partition to Install and then just proceed with normal Win 7 installation from DVD?



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It should work with any source (USB, DVD) and detect any plug-and-play device during the setup.

PS: I can't say this fixes BSOD crash at all. I got an BSOD last time. Also the drive doesn't get detected by the system when booting up sometime. I've heard that disabling TRIM completely should fix the issue. I recommend using hibernate, it's more stable in my opinion. The best solution will be a better Sandforce firmware, hopefully soon.


Bafta (good luck).

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