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CMP4GX3M2A1600C9 on GA-P55-USB3


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I am having problems with my ram.


I built this system and was getting BSOD in win 7 64bit. CPU seems fine so checked for memory errors in memtest86 4.1.


1st tested with both dimms (in the reccomended dimm sockets(1 & 3)) = lots of errors over on an overnight run.

2nd test with 1st dimm in socket 1 = no errors overnight

3rd test with 2nd dimm in socket 1 = no errors overnight


I then thought it must be a socket problem so repeated 2nd & 3rd test in socket 3, again i received no errors.

I then went back and tested both Dimms in the system again. I received errors again.


I tried to test the 2 dimms in sockets 2 and 4 but its not booting at all.


So i've tested each ram stick individually in each socket with no errors but i get errors when they are used together.


RAM timings are set to 9-9-9-24 1.5v as is stated on the side of the Dimms.


Am i missing something? What can be causing this?

The system is running stable with only 1 stick of RAM installed and unstable with both sticks installed even though both sticks individually seem fine.

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Assuming you are non-OC'd and using 1333 MHz. RAM frequency, check the mobo OM to see if you are required to use RAM slots #3 & #4 for RAM overclocking. If so try those two slots and see if you still have issues. You should also use the latest BIOS.
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