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Skype : HS1 mic is OK under Windows but not ingame

Jm Destroy

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Hi all,


It seems I'm not the only one with a MIC problem on this forum although mine is different.


I always use Skype with friends when gaming, it used to work very well with all my other headsets.


The problem is when I'm on the Windows Desktop everything works fine, my friends can hear me crystal clear. But when I go in-game (for example lotro, but I have to try some others), they can only hear me from time to time and they say than even then my sentences get cut.


I tried using the in-game voice chat feature of lotro but no success even with MIC volume all the way up in the corsair audio application, my friends can barely hear me.


Everything is installed OK and configured via the Corsair Audio Application.


Thanks in advance for any advices.:laughing:

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I have exactly the same problem, in Windows (windows 7 64-bit) everything works as it should. But when im trying to play COD or WOW the people on skype can only hear me from time to time, and between games in Call Of Duty.


I have a Creative HS-1200, and no problems with that headset in any games.


I have tried to disable all effects on the HS1, and tried tweaking both in game sound settings, and skype settings. Butting nothing seems to work!

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