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RMA'ing a flakey TX750


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Hi, I have a problem with my computer shutting itself on and off and just generally not working for more than an hour, generally alot less. Tested ram, swapped video cards, searched for bad sectors on drives all came back clean. Have finally swapped power supplies and while I'm not positive yet I'm seriously leaning towards the PSU being on its last legs. It is under warrenty but I'm worried that if I RMA it that because it still works intermitantly, but not really, I'm really unlikely to get a replacement + be out shipping. So I'm wondering how you will determine if the PSU is bad and if I can determine it on my own before trying for an RMA. It would be really weak if you just do the green to black power test and then declare it working and ship it back to me. Also I would rather not wait for the inevitable and let my PSU take down my entire computer or any other components. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks
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