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Silverstone 18cm side fan in 800D case


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Today I made a brand new plexiglass side window for my 800D case to accommodate a Silverstone FN 181 18cm fan along with the Silverstone filter. I was originally going to use the NZXT 20cm with that ugly filter that is being sold on FrozenCPU but could not stand the idea of ruining the look of my case. I accidentally bumped into the filter which lead me to the fan on FrozenCPU while I was frantically looking for a better looking filter.



Saved the original plexiglass for later use with water cooling.




Here is the finished work. I think it matches the 800D quite well.



These are the results. I took the screenshots of the highest temperatures in both runs. The GPU with the fan on temp range was 75-78C but mostly staying at 76C. The results for the GPU with the fan turned off and covered was 77-79C but mostly staying around 78C. The game I played was Aion at 1920x1200 with all the eye candy turned on. The system temperatures were recorded using ASUS PC probe II and the GPU temperature and fan speed using eVGA Precision.


I unfortunately do not have screenshots of temps from when the original window was on. This is why I had to get screenshots of the temperatures with the new fan off and covered. I do remember the temperatures with the original window on. The GPU hovered around 80-83C, the CPU was usually at 45C, the NB and SB hovered around 53-55C, and the MB temperature was usually at 35C. The GPU fan was usually between 65-71%. This was typical for playing Aion for around 30-60mins at the same room temperature that these runs were conducted in.

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Nice work!


I had the same thought as you, I didn't like the 200mm fan filters either and also ordered the 180mm SS fan but here in The Netherlands it is impossible to get the matching filter.

I will be replacing my HX850 PSU with a AX1200 soon and will be ordering the fan filter together with some nice sleeved extension cables for the PSU (wich are also impossible to get in The Netherlands) at FCPU to save on the shipping costs.

I'm already using Watercooling with a 360 rad on top and a 120 rad on the back but still find that there is not enough air intake.

I already put a extra 140mm fan on the bottom of the case next to the PSU and all my 5.25 drive bays are full (Asus OC station, LG Blu-Ray and EK spin reservoir) so no option there.

If I take off the side panel temperatures drop by about 5c, and a lot of dust gets into the case because of the negative air pressure.

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Thank You. That fan transformed this case into an big mistake into the best case I have ever owned and possibly will ever own.


That fan helped a lot. I think it can do better though. I am going to order another filter/grill cut out the filter and place that one outside and put the filtered one inside and/or I might buy the high performance version of this fan. The filter currently inhibits a lot of airflow because the fan is struggling to pull air through it and since it is easier to push air it makes sense for the filter to go inside. I know the results of the current fan are pretty good but I want to see how far I can push this case. If this case can potentially run three smoking hot 480GTXs at 90-95C with 65-75% fan speeds while keeping my NB and SB in the lower to mid 40s in 25-30C room temperatures I'll be so proud.


I also added some Silverstone Aero Slots the other day and the NB, SB, and MB temps dropped an additional 1C.

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