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questions about CMX6GX3M3A2000C9


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1) I reset the bios to Fail-Safe defaults

2) Set the Ram to XMP Profile1 in bios

3) Rebooted

(rebooted again again again even didn't see bios logo,)

(in normal settings ram run 1066mhz)


I have a few questions for that error?


1-well I looked ram support page ( Dual Channel Corsair DDR3 Memory for Intel Core i7 8xx series processors )


2-Is that ram wrong for my cpu and mainboard?

3-Is it ram error (blank screen) ?

4-what can i do for run 2000mhz?

5- any suggestion to change it before too late?

6-is power will enough , for overclock ?


thx for help

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Is my ram really support and work stabil triple channel 2000mhz with my system?

(there is still time to change ram)


Is that work with i7-950 (asking again because in your table or i7 8xx)?


how to find working bios o.c template for my corsair ram?

why extreme memmory profile1 xmp didnt work?

(it also change uncore bclk and voltages ?)

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you don't have to overclock your CPU but you won't reach 2000mhz unless you use a bclk of 142 with a 2:14 divider.

That being said heres the changes to get you close to 2000mhz (do not use XMP every CPU is different as far as the IMC goes)

Go into BIOS under frequency and voltages find these settings and follow my instructions

Set your MCH strap to 1600

Set your uncore to 28x

set your divider at 2:14 set your timings manually to the stock settings on your sticks then go into your voltage menu set DimmV to 1.65 go to CPU VTT set it to +250mv

set IOH Vcore to 1.125 leave your other voltages alone.

Save and exit BIOS should boot up follow this up with a stress test of some sort linx OCCT linpack or prime95 (if using prime95 i suggest blend for 2 hours atleast)

Hope this works for you works for most people.

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Thx crushheddream It didn't work with your settings but it help me a lot ,

thx for help i close to 2000mhz (mine1980) but i will change my corsair with another corsair 12gb with fan,

I dont know which is better ? Xms3 6gb or dominator gt dhx12gb 2000mhz, Is there big difference ?

"My opinion :corsairs are best"

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Hi, I'm also haveing a problem with this ram first thing I noticed when I enter this thread, Is for the memory list it shows my memory as duel channel yet i'm triple channel. My model Ram is CMX6GX3M3A200C9 on box and in Gpu-z. My mother board is a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R.

The motherboard spec's says it supports memory to 2200 and supports extreme memory profile yet soon as i try different setting the system will not pass post test. the system will start with no display then reset again after about 10-15 sec's. at the moment i'm running at 1600 stable.

When i set too the xmp to profile 1 it set the dram volts times qtt vtt etc for me I have even tryed manual. i sence i am doing something silly.


If you like more info please ask.

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If you need further help, you should probably start your own thread?


The CMX6GX3M3A2000C9 is 3x 2 GB. triple channel RAM. It has been tested to run @ 2000 MHz. but that does NOT mean that the other components in your PC such as the CPU/mobo will be able to run the RAM stable at 2000 MHz. All of the components must be willing and able to run the RAM at this speed and you will probably need to set the BIOS parameters manually to reach 2000 MHz. RAM speed stable. Your i7-950 CPU only officially supports 1066 MHz. RAM speed so anything beyond that is overclocking.



See the link below for OC'ing help. Also note that XMP profiles are not guaranteed nor are they always the best your system can achieve. As my signature indicates nothing in overclocking is guaranteed.







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ok i have sorted my problem i got a newer bios off gigabyte FB19, i up'ed the QPI VTT a little more (1.37v) all other options on auto and switch the pc off at the wall waited 30 sec then switch on and running with xmp 2000 if i never switched off at the wall the pc would not boot past post tests.

I did manualy set all setting but slowly back up till i found was just the qpi need more power.


also the ram speed i was led too belive that 1066 was what 2000 ram is running at as only 1000x2 i know its not but well :p


also i am running my memory at 1867 think it is and got the system in turbo so getting 932.2 in gpuz at 2:14 and all motherboard bits on auto.


But not run no stableablity tests yet will do that in game :p

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