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Hello, I hope this post finds every one well and I’m hoping someone can give me some advice for an annoying problem I have


In July of this year I purchased a Corsair PSU 850HXUK as a replacement to another manufactures PSU that failed 2 months after the warranty. The 850HXUK and has worked flawlessly until about 3 weeks ago when on starting the system it started the post sequence then shut down. I managed to get the machine to boot after several attempts of pressing the on switch , each time the post would get further along, until it remained on, albeit with the a failed to post error message.


Over a space of a few days the problem steadily worsened, taking longer to become stable. I suspected the PSU from the beginning so purchased a Digital PSU tester unfortunately this appeared to show all was fine with the PSU in as much the fan spun up and the readings all showed the correct values as far as I could tell, though the problem persisted.


I then suspected the Motherboard so purchased a refurbished Striker extreme and rebuilt the system, unfortunately the exact same problem persisted. I then suspected the CPU may be at fault so acquired a dual core CPU to test, followed by a loan graphics card these also did not resolve the issue and out of desperation even changed the bios battery as I had heard that a discharged battery can cause problems, no joy.


The strange thing is that once I get the machine to boot fully it stays stable it is only after I switch off and restart after few hours that the machine shuts down, also if I put the system to sleep the system restarts.

So I am at a loss as to what could be causing this and hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


Thanking you advance.



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