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Dominators @ 1066 BSOD


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Hello guys !

I just bought myself a 2x2 Gb Corsair Dominator kit (CM2X2048-8500C5D, ver. 1,2) that was supposed to run at 1066 Mhz at default.

From the moment I first booted @ 1066 I keep getting BSODs, after few minutes, seconds after POST...no rules it just keeps crashing.

Memtest goes crazy of errors.

So I set speed to 800 Mhz and system is perfectly stable... memtest reports no arrors at all...


I really hope there is some BIOS tweak that I missed, because i don´t want to RMA.

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I may have been wrong. I thought your CPU default RAM frequency was 800 MHz. Perhaps it will run both 800/1066 MHz. RAM frequencies? You may still need to manually set the RAM parameters in BIOS for the RAM to run at 1066 MHz. as this RAM typically requires 2.1 volts. Check the label on the RAM for the exact latency and voltage.
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Yes, it is 2,1 V.

I set voltage to 2,1 latencies to 5 5 5 18 (or 15) but nothing seems to work.

How about more advanced memory settings like channel interleaving ?

Which setting should I use ?

If module was damaged would it be possible to show no errors in memtest at 800 mhz ?

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