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4GB of 6 showing of XMS3 memory


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Full Disclosure, I've not built a PC since the days of Socket-A...


I've built a new i7 machine, the spec's in my profile, the main issue is that the entirety of my RAM is never recognised. I started with a gigabyte mobo [ex58-ud3r] and only had 4/6GB visible, I've since sold that on and bought a new Asus P6x58D-E mobo and I'm seeing the exact same issue.


I've been granted an RMA, but out of fear I'm missing something ridiculously easy I just want to post here first and make sure I'm OK before wasting everybodys time sending it back for RMA.


Thus far I've:


- Tested each module individually in slot A1 with memtest [NO errors.]

- Tested each module individually in EACH slot, all boot just fine.


-Used Mem-OK on the asus board to auto set parameters, memory detected on first boot as 6GB, then back down to 4GB on all subsequent boots.


-Manually set all settings, only 4GB visible.


-Used auto XMP settings, only 4GB visible.


In every instance CPU-Z 'sees' all 6GB of memory, the other 4GB can be found as hardware reserved.


The 'msconfig box' is unchecked. and I've reset the BIOS several times and randomly gotten either the full 6GB or just 4GB again.


I honestly can't nail what's causing the problem here, I assume it's hardware as it's so randomly up and down all the time. I've tinkered with the software so many times to no real result.


Any opinions as to whether it's RMA time, or if there some very obvious tricks I'm missing would be really welcome!;):



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Haha, sorry, forgot to mention I've tried all that, I've lost count how many times I've reseated the CPU now!


The only thing on that list I haven't tinkered very much with is the QPI, I'll set about that in a minute and report back if anything changes. Main concern was the fact same problem exists over two completely different mobos.


Cheers for the prompt reply though!

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did you make sure plugin in triple channel slot, motherboard i7 usually capable for dual channel, dual module or four module, and also triple channel 3 module or 6 module

so make sure you plugin for triple channel module

refer your manual for more explanation which slot used for triple channel


hope helps

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