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HX620 Spontaneous Reboot


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I've got a system that I built recently that I've slowly been putting some hours on and I seem to be running into a problem more and more frequently.


It started very similar to this: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=90822. Essentially, the computer boots, stalls, and then boots again. It has done this from the very first time I ever booted and continues to behave that way from time to time.


The problem is that these spontaneous reboots are now making their way into my normal use of the machine, which is gaming/photography. With regards to frequency, a month ago it was only during boot. Two weeks ago, it started happening once a day. This weekend it is up to twice a day. I can't tell you whether it happens at idle or only under load because I only turn the machine on when I'm using it and then use it pretty hard.


Anyhow, here's where I'm at now-

- In the linked thread, The RAM Guy suggested a BIOS update to sometimes relieve the problem on X58 boards. I'm really nervous doing that because of the fact that the machine will sometimes randomly reboot during the boot cycle and I don't know if this is going to screw things up.


- I don't have another PSU to test with (this is my only computer, I sold my old one to afford it), so beyond using a jumper and making sure it runs - what kind of testing can I do?



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Well I just started experiencing the same problem and began looking at these forums for a possible solution. All my drivers are up to date.. but had no effect. Ran Memtest over night on my 8 gig of ram and no errors.


So earlier today the computer would not boot at all. On occasion it used to hesitate, the boot up.. but not today. So I began to take out all my add-in cards... sata raid, audio, extra hard drives.. you name it and it still wouldn't boot. I pulled the main power cables off the mobo and jumpered the grn/blk wires and power supply came on.. so I'm really thinking the mobo has just fried. I plugged everything back in.. still wouldn't boot.. then as I'm moving the main ETX power connector, what to my surprise.. my computer comes on! I move it again, it goes off. For whatever reason, I guess one of the pins wasn't aligning properly and causing intermittent connections.. which in turn would either give me a BSOD with no error code.. just a hardware failure message, or computer would just shut off by itself.. and sometimes come back on.


I haven't seen any posts saying this is a common problem with my power supply, so maybe.. "fingers crossed" I have solved my problem and ya should try my highly technical "wiggle the connector" technique and see if you happen to get lucky.


My system has been running for several hours now with no mysterious reboots or shutdowns and when I have shut down, it powers right back up.


Good luck...

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