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F80 half speed?


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I recently upgraded my 4 years old laptop's hdd with Corsair F80 (firmware 1.1) , but achived half speed values. (win7 32bit)

I searched through whole forum, read the threads, did secure erase, formatted with 4K , restored win7, but nothing has changed. (BTW no option for AHCI in bios)


Laptops' specifications:



Is it because that my laptop only supports sata 1 (or not?) or, there is another reason?

Thanks for your replies.



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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest you contact the NB manufacturer and I am sorry but if its an OEM (IE; Dell, HP, Sony, Gateway, Toshibe, Ect) the first level support will likely not understand what you are talking about. But if they do they may not be able to help. But they would at least know if it was disabled or not or should.

But its best to try them first.

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