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Is my H50 working?


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Hello all,


I just purchased H50 from local retailer today to replace my 2 days old zalman cnps10x performa. Not sure if my H50 working as intended, I installed it per instruction manual. Pump is running at 1408 RPMs direct connected to PSU. Fan to CPU_FAN. First sign of problem when my BIOS reports CPU Fan error. But I have another PWM spare fan, so no problem. I just replaced the trouble fan out for now and I will deal with it later.


At any rate, I just put this computer together 2-3 days ago. OC my 1090T to 4GHz and ran prime 95 for 1 hour as a trial run. No error, no reboot it was all good. My max temp during the 60 min trial run was between 51C ~ 56C with my Zalman. I thought H50 would drop a few C but it was not. Not sure what I did wrong.


I have tried both way, swapped the fan directions around. I could not make prime 95 run past the 2nd test. Temp jumped up from 54C to 62C in no time, I had to abort the test. All I did was swap out the Zalman and installed H50


I have tried re-seat, new TIM, re-seat, switch the fan direction, single fan, push/pull fan. What else is left for me to do?


If this unit is defective I have to return to Corsair? I saw a paper inside the box saying "Do not return this product to the store". I hope I can exchange it to the store I bought it from.


If this unit is *not* a defective unit then I see no reason why I should spent $85 for thing that isn't better than what I have.

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