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My SSD have fragments?


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I did just have a look at my Disk-keeper application


I analyzed my HDD

but there is no fragments there because it is not an system Disk


However, i have to much spare time and i analyzed my SSD F60

They found 27 % fragments?


I did not defrag the SSD because you guys said that an SSD couldn't have fragments



is it safe to defrag and get rid of those fragments or just ignore that?

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An SSD can become fragmented, but it does not have a substantial impact on performance. There is no need to defragment it, although some people claim there is slight performance increase. I would be weary of it because it requires extra writes and reads that may degrade the life of the SSD.


Read through this thread:


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You will need to be using Diskeeper Professional with Hyperfast to work properly with SSD's and if that is what you are using just use that application to Defrag the drive it will clean and the fragments and help maintain performance.
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