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Replaced my V8 with a H70 today


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I have been tweeking a new build for abit now and had impulsed a CoolerMaster V8 from a local pc shop. No compliants, was much better than the stock cooler by far. I wont lie, looked FANTASTIC while viewing from the side window. I was using it to OC my cpu but the temps were all over, was fine for general surfing (21c and 27 oc @ 3.3) but when going upwards of 3.6 temps could climb as high as 43c (prime95/torture test), still not bad but i want to hit 4 and dont trust this cooler to get me there.


I was staying a few blocks from NCIX in vancouver bc and decided to buy a H70. Got it instaled and works very well. Same OC (3.3) now idles at 19-ish and have seen it as low as 16c and has never gone above 28c yet (fallout NV). Going to load up some benchmark stuffs and check the load temps.

PS room temp usally 72f


Instal was......different lol. I didnt want to suck in air from the back of the case as i have two hot cards discharging hot air back there and id also lose my 140mm fan. The top of the case is a no go also as im not taking off my 240mm fan to accomidate the rad plus the hoses would hang unattactively. Turns out that it rad will pressure fit into the open bayslots without needing any type of fastening. The closest fan to the front of the case is 4 inches from the front grill so you really dont see any of the rad and only a bit of a fan if viewing from the side window.






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