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Hi, yes here's another 'But I've got too' post :D:


... I also have this issue of being unstable with X.M.P enabled @ 1600 speeds, getting BSODs with memory management issues and sometimes just hard freezes. I have two I7 rigs :D: running the same memory but different versions (I7-975EE with TR3X6G1600C8D ver3.1 and I7-965EE with TR3X6G1600C8D ver7.1). My 965 system is stable as a rock on X.M.P and ver7.1 sticks :cool: but the 975 system is unuseable! with the ver3.1 sticks :mad:


As in the above posts all the usual tests have been carried out, all sticks pass memtest86 on their own or in a pair but in triple, many errors (thousands) are shown with X.M.P settings (slower speeds and voltages 1.5/1.35qpi yeild better results but not 100% stable:sigh!:, just crashing less often with memtest86 showing fewer errors:evil:).


If I swap the ver3.1 sticks to the 965 rig I get the same unrelaiable results, unfortuneatly as the 965 rig is watercooled and the 975 being on air, I'm unable to change the sticks from the 965 rig to the 975 rig without draining the whole rig:eek: something I'm not willing to do for another 3 months:!:


So the questions: ;):


- If I RMA the ver3.1 kit what are the chances that I'll get a later revision?


- Was it indeed the revision that makes the difference between stable and unstable?


- May I also ask what the difference is between the versions? :D: Is it different firmware or different chips used? :confused:


Many Thanks In advance!



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Technically 1066 MHz. is the officially Intel supported frequency for the i7-965/975 CPUs. The revision number indicates difference ICs used for the DIMMs per the DDR3 IC Inquiry link on the left side of the page. Could be the mobo, CPU, RAM, BIOS ???
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Version number has nothing to do with compatibility with your motherboard. In otherwords, that part number, regardless of version number, is compatible with your CPU / motherboard. RMA the memory as they aren't running at spec in 2 different systems. RMA link's on the left. Ask for an advanced RMA if you can't be w/o that rig.
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CPU and Mobo seem fine:ummmm:, although I've not had the time to change out parts from my other rig, as it's completely water cooled the hassle of dismantling it will take a weekend... :brick:


As to the question of compatibility, perhapse I mis-typed it slightly, what I meant was: Would the difference in IC's cause stablity issues with the P6T? or is the memory controller on the CPU die a bit fussy/weak when it comes to the memory IC's? :roll:


Looking at the DDR3 IC Inquiry ver3.1 use Micron IC's and ver7.1 use PSC IC's, PSC must be newbies on the block, not seen them before, does this mean this board/CPU combination does not like Micron IC's? :bigeyes:


More questions I know, but I'm tending towards an RMA for peace of mind...:thinking:


Many Thanks for your replies! :D:

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