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Airflow Pro - Best connectors to use?


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Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I'm assuming because the airflow pro clips on the cooler its as good a place as any to start!


I have the 16GB CMP16GX3M4A1333C9 kit and I'm wondering which 4 connectors out of the 6 available on the airflow Pro I should connect them to... I'm thinking perhaps the first two and last two but I'm probably wrong!


Any help or suggestions greatfully received!

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This will depend on how you would like your setup to look. You have two choices with the modules you have.


1.) Use the two outer connectors from each row. This should give you the activity lights on the outside edges of the AFpro as the module activity and the center bar as the average/overall.

2.) Use two connectors next to each other and this will make the LED rows next to each other on the AFpro the activity and the edge bar as the average/overall.


No matter which combination you plug the modules into the AFpro you will get the module activity per plugged in module. The connectors on the bottom coincide with the bar on the top. So the plug labeled SA (right hand top row connector) will map to the left bar nearest the Corsair logo. The center connector to the center row and left connector with the right side LED strip. The same goes for the bottom row labeled SB but the lower set of LED rows by the Airflow Pro logo. This probably would be best explained with a diagram of sorts.


Thats my experience with the AFpro anyway. Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks Mate,


That makes sense.. Basically looking at the circuit board from the underside, the connectors correspond directly to the led rows(from underneath).


Can't wait to get it hooked up... when the replacement MSI board finally arrives!


Thanks again! :biggrin:

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