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Yet another case of PSU squealing/whining, generated by SSD?


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So I built a system based on the TX650W PSU July 2010 or so and it's been in use since then.


Over just the last 3-4 days I'm noticing that an SSD in the system seems to cause the PSU to whine or squeal quite audibly when being accessed in pre-Windows boot or while windows is booting, especially if chkdsk decides to run, and also only in certain apps while in Windows. AT first I thought the SSD was going so I checked it out in another system, etc. and it seems okay. I also stuck a different drive in this box and noticed that during Windows 7 setup I can get it to make the PSU making the exact same squeal/whine. I've verified beyond a doubt that the noise is most definitely coming from the PSU as neither drive I've used should generate any noise whatsoever since they're SSDs.


I'm wondering if this could be a sign something is wrong with the PSU? In that same time frame I've also had the system BSoD a few times and random other issues as well whereas it was rock solid before.


I've tested the PSU with a meter and the voltage on the +12v, 3.3v and 5v rails seem high but within ATX spec at +12.3v, 5.2v, 3.4v.


I don't have another motherboard to test with this PSU but I did test the system with another PSU of another brand and it seemed fine. Also the drives that seemed to make this Corsair unit squeal/whine had no such effect on any other system they were tested with.


I also want to point out that it sounds different than the video card/psu whine issue that I've seen people complain about quite often around these forums, videos on youtube demonstrating the noise and on other websites.

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