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F40 BSOD before reboot - Firmware update 2.0


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Hello there,


I am at my wits end. I was updating the corsair F40 firmware to 2.0, all of a suddent BSOD before it goes into boot mode and then automatically it reboots, at reboot, the drive is not recognized.


I go into the bios to have a look, its detected under the harddrives as a hard disk but does not show up under the boot disk (where we set the boot priority). My O.S is installed on this drive and now I cant boot in... please help, I do not know what more to do...


Asus Rampage 3 Extreme Bios is updated with the latest bios as well.





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Yes, i have but that did not solve it.


I have finally solved it, I take the liberty to share my ordeal so that others may benfit from the same.


The one key message that saved me and what was clearly highlighted was that you should not turn system power off at any time as this would brick the ssd.


I kept getting bsod at boot up, since i could not turn off the p.c, i kept restarting it.


1. firs tuned ahci off and turned it back at ide.

2. Whenever i got bsod, i just restarted without turning the power off

3. after 10 to 15 restarts, in safe discovery mode and otherwise

4. I started getting new bsod errors

5. Again, just restarting, i finally enter into windows.

6. once i boot into windows, the ssd firmware installtion (device driver) message pops up, it installed and asks to be reooboted.

7. I reboot, enter windows, alls fine and then I reboot again, enter bios and change ide back to ahci.


Trust this comes handy to someone who is struggling as well.





Jinu Johnson

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Actually I did, I changed the registry entry in windows, then enabled it in bios as well, installed both the jmicron ahci drivers as well as the ms one.. could that be the reason?


You have a RAMPAGE 3? Is the JMicron the two SATA III ports?


You should make sure that you install the JMicron drivers only on the correct controller and use the ms ahci on the ICH10 which are the (I believe) 4 other ports.


Well if you're running fine now then I wouldn't worry about it.:D:

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