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DH55HC and cmx4gx3m2a1600c9......


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Works great when it decided to boot correctly without looping bsod or "repair windows" errors. It did run at rated speed when setting the bios correctly. Looks great and colors matched the MB

I found only one stick would cold boot without any trouble and the other would boot maybe once out of 5 attempts, after the system "warmed up". I even updated the MB bios thinking that may fix the problem.....no such luck.


FYI....Intel DH55HC running i3-530 processor


Other Thoughts: the hardest part in this troubleshooting process was waiting long enough to let the components cool down or discharge enough to test them again on another COLD boot. Waiting only 2-3 hrs wasn't enough time to get another bsod. It would take up to 4-5hrs with the system off without power cord plugged in.


Any suggestions?

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