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'MPTool' for Flash Voyager GTR?


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For my previous, now borked, competitor flash drive the support guys gave me access to a nifty little tool called SMI Mass Production Tool. Now, the interesting thing is that with this tool you are able to set the infamous RMB bit, to make the flash drive identify itself as a non-removable disk and making it able to partition it AND let Windows see and use them.


Corsair, is there a similar tool for the Flash Voyager GTR? It’d be very handy since ‘bootitdoesn’t work with the GTR (it does with the regular Voyager and Voyager GT though!). I fully realise there are risks involved when giving this tool to less technical users, but on the other hand giving tech users access to it will make them very happy. Including me :)

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... at least not officially, which is understandable.


It seems the tool 'IT1168_DtMPTool_v1.68.1.0' should work, but it doesn't on my GTR. Won't be recognised after hitting F3. It seems to work for a lot of other people.


My ChipGenius info:


Device Name: +[L:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Corsair Voyager GTR USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 1B1C PID = 1A97
Serial Number: 000000006EE3A99C
Revision: 0.00

Device Type: Standard USB device - USB2.0 Full-Speed (USB1.1)

Chip Vendor: (No match record)
Chip Part-Number: (No match record)

Product Vendor: Corsair
Product Model: Voyager GTR

Tools on Web: (N/A)


CheckUDisk info:


Name: Voyager GTR  (USB2.0)

Logic Driver: G:\ 

VID&PID: Vid_1b1c&Pid_1a97
Speed: high speed

VendorID: Corsair
ProductID: Voyager GTR
Product Revision: 0.00

Vendor Description: Corsair
Product Description: Voyager GTR
Serial Number: 000000006EE3A99C


Looks like the GTR has a hardware revision that makes it incompatible with the tool. My GTR is brand new, the packaging says USB 2.0 / 3.0.


For people that have DtMPTool see their GTR (set your region setting to English U.S. first): what does your ChipGenius/CheckUDisk info say? Maybe the VID/PID changed and some config file of the tool needs to be changed. Some Chinese guy can't get it to work either.


Btw, the tool has the disk type option :D:




Corsair: is the USB controller chip indeed an ITE IT1168 (same as USBest UT168?)?


I'm sure the tech guys in the China/Taiwan factory have the right tool though :sigh!:

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OK, I think I'm on to something here.


TRS-80's Voyager GTR VID/PID are 048D/1168. Mine is 1B1C/1A97.


A second source confirms that VID/PID 048D/1168 belongs to the Voyager GTR. Or at least a certain batch of GTR's. Maybe the first batch that really did 34MB/s read, 28MB/s write. Mine only gets to 33MB/s read, 20MB/s write, as do some other recent GTR's.




I suspect Corsair switched USB controller chips, thus breaking dtMPTool compatibility and decreasing the performance. While the chip swap is pretty regrettable, if not very wrong, I and other 'tech' users are left in the dark to find the compatible tool. Moreover, giving customers the possibility to rewrite the GTR's firmware will offer a (sometimes temporoary) solution for those with 'needs formatting' / 'insert media' issues that regularly pop up on the forums.


If anyone knows what USB controller chip is in the new/other batch of GTR's, please reply.


/edit#1 My usbflashinfo says it's an ITE IT1168...:

Volume = E:
Controller = ITE IT1168
Memory Model = Unknown
VID = 1B1C
PID = 1A97
Product (by PID) = USB Flash Drive
Manufacturer = Corsair
Product = Voyager GTR
Query Vendor ID = Corsair
Query Product ID = Voyager GTR
Query Product Revision = 0.00
Physical Disk Capacity = 32480690176 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity  = 32471252992 Bytes
USB Version = 2.00
Max.Power = 300 mA
Microsoft Windows Vista SP2


Maybe it's just the changed VID/PID values that makes the dtMPTool not see new GTR's.


/edit #2 My packaging says MIN 34MB/s (Read), 28MB/s (Write).




Mine obviously doesn't meet that:








Can Corsair costlessly make me swap the drive for a Flash Voyager GTR that with certainty DOES meet the advertised speeds? With a bit of luck I get the old, faster one that works with DtMPTool.

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  • Corsair Employee

There are several posts explaining performance issues that may occur with GTR drives and with out knowing the system configuration and how it was formatted it would be hard to address these questions on performance.

But did you try the bench mark using another system or only on one system?

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  • 5 months later...

Incase anyone is still wondering, FYI you can change the RMB with DtMPTool.


My information from my Corsair GTR:


Volume: J:
Controller: ITE IT1168
Possible memory chip(s): Not available
PID: 1A97
Product (by PID): None
Manufacturer: Corsair
Product: Voyager GTR
Query Vendor ID: Corsair 
Query Product ID: Voyager GTR     
Query Product revision: 0.00
Physical disk capacity: 32480690176 Bytes
Windows disk capacity:  32462864384 Bytes
USB version: 2.00
Max. power: 480 mA
Microsoft Windows 7


I don't think there are any specific instructions on how to use DtMPTool anywhere, but this is what I did:


Used the InfUpdate tool to add my VID/PID into the inf file.

Installed the driver.

Went into device manager and updated the driver for the USB Mass Storage Device that matched my VID/PID.

Changed my locale to English (United States).



Ran DtMPTool, enumerated devices - FOUND!

Adjusted settings.

Right click on device then "Start".


Back into device manager to update back to the real driver for the device.





The only potential problem is that the device now has a different VID/PID (048D/1168), but I'm sure it would work just the same if you set it back to 1B1C/1A97.

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