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Which 64GB Flash Drive ?


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I bought 32GB Flash VOyager GTR. One week before for test.

ANd I will buy 50Pcs 64GB flash memory for my company.


But I didn't understand difference of them. As I read corsair forums GTR's are fastest. But in Turkey market GT and non-gt are more expensive then GTR.


Please inform me. What is difference of this flash drives.


1-Flash Survivor 64GB

2-Flash Survivor 64GB GT

3-Flash Survivor 64GB GTR

4-Flash Voyager 64GB

5-Flash Voyager 64GB GT

6-Flash Voyager 64GB GTR

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Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor Product information is posted on these links and should answer most of your questions.


The GTR drives will be the fastest version with speeds of up to 34MBs/read and 28MBs/write. The "GT version will perform with speeds of up to 30MBs/read and 16MBs/write. And there is no performance specification published on Non GT/GTR drives.

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