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Processor overheat after upgrade memory


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I have bought RAM 1x2GB CGM2X2GS800 for my Acer Aspire 4540, and after a few months later, I add 1x2GB VS2GSDS800D2 that the seller tell me this memory is suit for my settled RAM.


The system is running normally when I using the usual program such us word etc. but, when I playing game like PES 2011 or COD4, the processor become overheat almost 100 C, and it's end with blue screen.


It's the memory is not suit each other?


I've check the processor fan, it's running normally, i've cleaned the fan too, also I use the cooling pad under the notebook.

I've dowload the latest driver for all hardware.


Here the spec of my notebook :


AMD Turion II X2 Processor M520 (2,3GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache)


ATI Radeon HD4200 Graphics

Installed System : Windows 7 Ultimate x64


I really appreciate for all reply to this post.



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problem solved.. :biggrin:


it's not the memory cause the overheat, it's processor fan full of dust!


i open my notebook casing, and found a lot of dust blocking the hot air exit from the processor.


big thanks for reading my post.

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