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Corsair 800D - Connecting the SATA backplane power


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I recently bough an 800D case and had a couple of questions about the SATA backplane.


I've connected the included power cable to the SATA backplane (as depicted on page 10 (Step 2) in the users guide.


Where does the 5th cable plug into ? (presumibly this is the cable that attaches to the power supply (or mb ) .


I'm using a P6X58D-E mb from ASUS.


Not sure how to connect the backplane to the actual power supply.


Any tips for a newcommer would be greatly appreciated.


Wanted to clarify.


The supplied power cable has 5 connectors on it. 4 of them plug into the SATA backplane, but wasn't sure where the 5th connector plugs into ?

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