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F40 performance


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Hello guys


I'm using a F40 Corsair SSD attached to an asrock 785GMH/128M motherboard which has the sb710 south bridge.

Performance feels pretty snappy but benchmarks seem to indicate that I'm not getting max performance.


Atto scores are attached. Especially look at the sub 8kb performance.

I have 4k performance of 60 MB/s while everybody on this forum hits 120 MB/s



- Running Windows 7 32 bit

- Trim seems to be working, performance degradation over time is minimal

- Running MS AHCI drivers

- Motherboard is running newest bios version



What i've tried so far

- installing amd drivers, performance and feel was awful (never do that!)

- benchmarking from OS on HDD (~same performance)

- turning off emptying wite cache buffer (~5% gain)

- updated to corsair 2.0 firmware (~5% worse)


Do any of you know if this is normal for AMD SB710 chipset? If it is then I am going to stop breaking my head over this.


Thank you in advance


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