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BSOD on FIRST Cold Boot


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Good day to all.

I'm experiencing the common problem of the BSOD on "Cold Boot" with P7P55D-E Pro.



The FIRST time I power-on (after a 2-3hrs power-off), I got BSOD on Windows, and Mem+ errors.

Everything is ok if using 4Gb RAM only, or with 8Gb after a manual shutdown once, and a second power-up.

To solve problem I must power-off once, then re-start: after that, everything is ok and the system is stable.

I tried to raise voltage DDR to 1.70, and CPU voltage a little too, without luck. Tried to down-clock DDR to 1333/1066 still without success.

Should I RMA the RAM sticks?

(that problem seems common to others Asus MB as far as I can read)





Andrea Gumirato


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Thanks for you reply. According with Wired's suggestion (and link) I'll go for one of these kits:







that are tested for an 8Gb configuration for my motherboard.


Is that correct?

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