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White Gunk on my new AX850


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just got a brand new AX850


i haven't installed or tested it but when inspected it i noticed there is some white gunk on top of some sections


i wanted to post some pics but the angle makes it difficult to take without the camera blurring the image


the white gunk looks like some kind of glue or something they probably used during manufacturing but it doesn't look it should be where it is now


its almost like while they were making it some spilled and they didn't clean it up


should i still use it anyway?


i got alot of expensive high end gear and i dont want a dodgy psu blowing them up

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lol feel abit foolish now :o:


was searching the net for pics of the AX850 to see if this white gunk appears on other units and looking at the review at HardOCP ive seen this




it has white gunk in the same place


it is less than whats on mine but the fact that its got it leads to to believe its perfectly normal

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